Brick Farm Tavern

E&LP provided site engineering services to the Brick Farm Tavern to convert an existing, historic farmhouse and adjacent infrastructures into a creative combination of agriculture and restaurant use. This included obtaining variances for the property, converting on site structures, designing a low profile septic system, adding a passive solar collection to the site, roadway/parking design, landscape/lighting design, storm water management and wetlands permitting. The owner’s goal was to tie farm, market and restaurant all together to create a closed-loop food system, controlling all parts under one umbrella.

The owner’s vision of using the existing buildings in nearly their original form with as few modifications as possible was successful. Not only did the owners want to limit modifications on the existing structures, they were also committed to utilizing a full array of sustainable technologies; including renewable energy systems, water conserving fixtures, natural stormwater management techniques, stormwater and greywater harvesting, pervious surfaces, rain gardens, composting, recycling and other closed loop systems. Solar panels, sustainable fuels used in the kitchen and environmentally friendly forms of heating and cooling were also implemented into the property.

Today, Brick Farm is one of the most self-sustaining food projects in the region with an annual production of 15,000 free-range chickens, 2,000 ducks, 500 pigs and 500 sheep, in addition to goats, turkeys, cattle and hay.

Key Project Information

Client: Mr. Jon McConaughy

Location: Hopewell, NJ


Master Planning


Preliminary and Final Site Plan

Variance Approval

Wetlands Permitting

Regulatory Compliance

Permitting Approvals