Clinton Exxon

A prospective buyer had performed a Phase I and limited Phase II investigation of the Clinton Exxon property. The investigations concluded that an unknown 4,000 gallon UST was discovered and must be closed, and that soil impacts were present from an unknown source. As such the owner of the property retained E&LP to investigate the findings of the Phase II report.

E&LP performed a remedial investigation of the site. We determined that the newly discovered UST and was in fact an approximately 15,000 gallon gasoline UST that was installed prior to 1947, and that both soil and ground water impacts were present from gasoline USTs that were replaced in 1986. Therefore, we proposed to close the recently discovered UST and remediate the gasoline impacts.

Since, the garage bays of the service station, built in 1948 were constructed on top of the UST, we had to perform an investigation of the UST and prepare a letter from an engineer to abandon the UST in place due to structural reasons. After pumping out the UST and removing the sludge, the UST was filled with high strength flowable fill.

E&LP then prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan to obtain a Permit by Rule to perform a soil excavation and install Oxygen Releasing Compound in the open excavation to promote further breakdown of the petroleum residuals in the ground water and smear zone around the excavation. The soil excavation was completed and all post excavation soil samples are below the most stringent NJDEP Soil Remediation Standards. Ground water monitoring is ongoing. Once complete, we will issue the Remedial Action Report and Unrestricted Use Response Action Outcome.

Key Project Information

Client: Clinton Exxon

Location: Clinton, NJ


Regulated UST Closure & Abandonment

Remedial Investigation


LSRP Administrative Services

Permit by Rule