Cobbs Creek Library Competition

E&LP entered this year’s Infill Philadelphia Design Competition entitled “Playspace.” We led a team of designers and educators to develop a conceptual Master Plan for the Cobbs Creek Public Library, Blanche A. Nixon Branch.

The plan features multiple “storyline” pathways which each tell a different story related to the site, education, and play. The three main “storyline” paths focus on history, technology, and nature. In addition, custom interactive art pieces bring an active element to learning on the site. Custom benches that can be put together like puzzle pieces to form larger seating arrangements also bring an active play element to the site. Spaces are further provided for performance, quiet reading and retreat, and gardening.

The design also addresses green infrastructure and Philadelphia’s Green City Clean Waters plan. A large rain garden is located on site as well as subsurface detention areas to treat all on-site and adjacent street stormwater runoff.

Key Project Information

Client: Philadelphia Community Design Collaborative

Date: 2015-present

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Conceptual Master Plan

Custom Site Furnishings

Design Competition

Green Infrastructure Feasibility

Stormwater Analysis