Coviello Subdivision

The Coviello Brothers Nursery has been a staple to the Madison, New Jersey Community since 1973. Their garden center and landscape business were supported by their greenhouse property located in Florham Park New Jersey. Based on the real estate value of the
support yard, Coviello Brothers moved their support center to Far Hills New Jersey, and slated the 30-acre parcel for residential development.

The property was set for redevelopment as a 22 lot sub-division and then an age restricted facility based on changes in market demand during the mid-2000s. Due to the economic downturn in the late 2000s, the planned improvements were postponed.

E&LP resuscitated the site development plans in 2013 and through innovated site design, were able to create an additional 23rd lot. Collectively these innovated techniques resulted in a 23rd lot, when previous concepts were maximized at 22 lots; resulting in an increased profit for our client. The Coviello Brothers Greenhouse Property subdivision is a 23 lot major subdivision designed for a client who wanted to redevelop his existing landscape/nursery yard into a conforming residential use.

The property was an active nursery and storage yard supporting the client’s nursery business. The property had received multiple approvals in the past for redevelopment but they had expired at the time of our involvement in the property. E&LP took the previously approved plans and improved on them resulting in an additional buildable lot.

The project used the existing improvements to benefit the project, reducing the storm water management improvements required. The still valid NJDEP permits were leveraged to the benefit of the client to maximize the available footprint of development.

The project required and has received approvals from Florham Park Borough Planning Board, NJDEP, Morris County Planning Board, and the Soil Conservation District. The project required Major Subdivision and variance approvals from the local planning board, a Freshwater Wetlands Transition Area Averaging Plan and General Permit, a Flood Hazard Area Individual Permit and a Treatment Works Approval from the NJDEP and certification from the Soil Conservation District. Construction is anticipated to begin later this year.

Key Project Information

Client: Private Landowner

Date: 2013-Present

Location: Florham Park Borough, New Jersey



Major Subdivision Plat

Wetlands General Permits

Wetlands Transition Area Averaging Plan

NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Individual Permit

NJDEP Treatment Works Approval

Preliminary & Final Engineering Plans

Preliminary & Final Engineering Plans