Cy Drake Locksmith

E&LP closed and removed regulated USTs, performed the remediation of the release from multiple regulated gasoline USTs, obtained a Remedial Action Permit, prepared a Deed Restriction and issued a Response Action Outcome (RAO) for multiple Areas of Concern (AOC) at the former gasoline facility. The site had a fuel oil UST, waste oil UST, six 4,000 gallon gasoline USTs and a 10,000 gallon gasoline UST. E&LP registered the USTS, obtained all permitting and oversaw the removal of each UST.

Soil contamination was present from both the waste oil UST as well as from the gasoline tank field. In addition, historic fill material was present throughout the property. E&LP performed soil remediation of the waste oil AOC as well as the gasoline AOC. A total of 865 tons of impacted soil were removed from the site. Post excavation soil samples we compliant with regard to petroleum compounds, however exceeded standards for select metals compounds associated with the historic fill material.

Four monitoring wells were installed and site ground water was compliant with regard to NJDEP Ground Water Quality Standards. E&LP prepared a Remedial Action Report and Work Plan documenting closure of the USTs as well as the remediation of each AOC. In addition, we requested a Remedial Action Permit for Soil due to the remaining soil impacts associated with the historic fill material documented onsite. Once the permit was obtained, we filed the deed restriction, issued the final Remedial Action Report and Response Action Outcome for the site.

Key Project Information

Client: Cy Drake Locksmith (Former C&D Gasoline

Date: 2012

Location: Morristown, New Jersey


Regulated UST Closure & Removal

Site Investigation


LSRP Administrative Services

Remedial Action Permit

Deed Restriction

Response Action Outcome