Della Valle

A single family residence was the site of a leaking 275 gallon underground heating oil tank. The plume migrated beneath a neighboring house to the point that it was more cost effective to demolish the residence rather than structurally supporting the residence.

E&LP is a preferred consultant for High Point Insurance Company, the carrier of the Della Valle residence and was retained to conduct a 3rd party investigation of the reported leaking heating oil UST. Site groundwater and off property soils were impacted from the leak. Through extensive investigation on both properties including the interior of the neighboring residence, it was determined that ~90% of the neighboring structure was underlain by highly impacted soils.

E&LP worked to obtain viable structural support plans for the structure in order to excavate the impacted soils, however due to the depth and aerial extent of the impacts, all parties agreed to demolish the structure as the most cost effective and appropriate method to access the impacted soils. E&LP obtained the extensive permits required from the Borough of Paramus in addition to the required soil erosion permit.

The structure was successfully demolished and structural supports were installed on the residence with the leaking UST and remediation activities commenced. The excavation was dewatered using a temporarily installed sump and 10,000 holding tank. Over 1,400 tons of impacted soils were removed from both parcels. Clean fill was backfilled and compacted. E&LP prepared the Remedial Action Report documenting all site investigation and remediation activities and promptly received a letter of No Further Action from NJDEP. E&LP retained a geo-technical engineer to test and determine the fill material was suitable for new construction.

Key Project Information

Client: High Point Insurance

Date: 2008

Location: Paramus, New Jersey



Alternative Remediation


In-situ remediation

Environmental Engineering

Permitting Approvals