East Park Canoe House

In conjunction with OLIN, E&LP was selected by Temple University and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to design the site improvements around the East Park Canoe House along Kelly Drive in Philadelphia. The site houses the Temple rowing team as well as a Philadelphia Marine Police unit. The site is also the location of over forty Regatas on the Schuylkill River annually.

The design looks to create a visual address and entry to and from the existing canoe house building while also proposing several site improvements. In particular, E&LP is handling the study and design of different GSI elements to effectively manage and treat stormwater runoff from two large parking lots and the adjacent Kelly Drive.

Stormwater runoff is 100% unmanaged in the existing condition. Sixty-five percent of the site directly runs off into the adjacent Schuylkill River. Thirty-five percent is captured by storm sewer to directly discharge to the river further downstream.

In the proposed stormwater design, 64% of the site’s impervious surfaces will be managed by green infrastructure or other low impact development techniques. Two bio-retention features are located to manage runoff from the northern and southern portions of the site.

Key Project Information

Client: Philadelphia Parks Department

Date: 2015-2017

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Site Plan Engineering

Green Stormwater Infrastructure


Construction Administration