Foerter Farm

East Brunswick Township purchased a former agricultural property to preserve the parcel for open space. As part of prior investigations performed, pesticide contamination was detected in surface soils caused by historically applied pesticides. The Township retained E&LP to remediate the property and issue a Response Action Outcome.

Surface soils were impacted above NJDEP Residential Direct Contact Soil Remediation Standards (RDCSRS) for 4,4-DDT and Dieldrin. E&LP performed sampling of the soil profile to evaluate the appropriate depth to conduct the soil blending remediation program. A contractor blended surface soils to a depth of three (3) feet below grade
under the direction of E&LP. Post blending, soil samples were collected to confirm that the soil blending program successfully remediated soils.

After blending a couple of the hot spots a second time, all post remediation samples were below NJDEP RDCSRS. E&LP prepared a Remedial Action Report (RAR) and issued an unrestricted use Response Action Outcome (RAO) for the property.

Key Project Information

Client: East Brunswick Township

Date: 2014

Location: 245 Rita Avenue, East Brunswick, NJ


Environmental Engineering

Field Sampling

Remediation Oversight

Regulatory Compliance