Garden Solar – Flemington

The Flemington Solar, LLC project was a major component of an overall portfolio of projects for which E&LP obtained municipal zoning and outside agency approvals. These projects were the first approved utility scale projects to initiate construction in Hunterdon County and were several of the first utility scale projects to be approved and installed in throughout the rest of New Jersey. E&LP has been on the leading edge of assisting their clients to bring these unique projects to construction. E&LP received the first NJDEP Wetlands/Flood Hazard Area Permits and the first NJDEP Highlands Preservation Area Approval (HPAA) for a utility scale solar project in New Jersey.

E&LP’s success on these projects are a result of the following critical components of the E&LP approach.

Initial Site Project Due Diligence and Preliminary Mapping for our clients has been a key part of identifying site viability at the beginning of the site development process. This task includes review of solar access, interconnection proximity and viability, topography, potential wetlands or floodplain constraints, historic features and threatened/endangered habitat concerns. E&LP can evaluate and identify the prime sites first. This results in efficient use of development resources and outline risk for the development path early in the process. Once E&LP performs this evaluation the client can further engage their resources in order to obtain site control.

Key Project Information

Client: : Flemington Solar, LLC, Consolidated Edison Development, Inc.

Date: 2010

Location: Raritan Township, Hunterdon County, NJ


Municipal Use Variance & Site Plan Approval

County Planning Board Approval

County Soil Conservation District Approval

NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands General Permits

NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Individual Permit

Bridge Culvert Design & Storm Water Management Analysis

Viewscape Analysis & Landscape Buffer Plan

Historic Resources Assessment

Geotechnical & Acoustical Impact Investigations

Local Building Department Approvals

NJDCA Approval for Solar Energy Facility