Geotechnical & Structural

geotechnical and structural work by E&LP

Geotechnical Engineering

E&LP provides a wide array of geotechnical engineering services for a variety of engineering and environmental projects. Our staff will perform initial geotechnical investigations and utilize the results to perform the engineering design for all types of engineered structures including walls, foundations, helical piers and screws. Our services include stability calculations, erosion control designs, remediation of structural failures and sinkholes, as well as site investigations and expert reporting.

Structural Engineering

E&LP provides a variety of structural engineering services, from forensic investigations of foundation cracks and wall failures, to repair and rehabilitation design services. Our professional services often consist of dispute resolution, associated with foundation cracks observed during home sale inspections, and damage analysis based on structural damage inadvertently created by improper construction activities.

As licensed professional Engineers, our Engineering Assessment Reports and rehabilitation designs when necessary, quantify the costs to repair/replace damaged structural units designed in accordance with local building codes, which serve as the basis for resolution between conflicting parties.

Our design experiences also include the design of several, concrete foundations for various structures, design of concrete loading docks, pavements and replacement floorings, and asphalt pavement design.

Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Services:

  • Wall & Foundation Design
  • Stability Calculations
  • Site Investigations & Reporting
  • Erosion Control
  • Remediation and Repair of Structural Failures
  • Pavement Loading & Design
  • Soils Test Pits & Borings
  • Soil Sample Lab Analysis
  • Forensic Investigations
geotechnical and structural work by E&LP