MCPC Environmental Education Center Basin

The Environmental Education Center in Mercer Meadows County Park had a significant drainage issue caused by the previously installed stormwater conveyance system. The undersized and unmaintained system caused drainage and erosion issues onsite as well as flooding issues on the public streets adjacent to the site.

E&LP was able to identify the issue and design a green infrastructure based system that was cost effective for the Park Commission to install and maintain. In order to preserve the rural character of the parkland, E&LP designed a wet-meadow basin and drainage swale system to alleviate the excessive drainage conditions.

Designed with a native plant palette, the basin is low-maintenance and attractive to both park users and local wildlife. The Park Commission has continued to monitor the systems performance post-construction and has reported a vast improvement to on-site and off-site conditions thanks to the E&LP design.

Key Project Information

Client: Mercer County Park Commission

Date: 2011-2013

Location: Lawrence Township, NJ


Green Infrastructure

Basin & Drainage System Testing & Design

Landscape Architecture & Native Plant Palette

Construction Administration