Mt. Airy Schoolyard Initiative

E&LP has been involved in the Mt. Air School District Schoolyard Initiative for the past year providing engineering support, surveying, and participating in the project’s community design process. The initiative is lead by the Big Sandbox, a non-profit that helps build healthy communities through the use of green infrastructure and educational, cultural, and historically grounded projects. These goals match up perfectly with the type of design approach E&LP brings to our design work.

As district wide initiative, E&LP is a member of a large consultant team moving five schoolyard sites forward simultaneously. E&LP has provided all site surveying and base documentation for the initiative as well as participate in team meetings, provide conceptual design review and feedback, as well as cost estimation review.

Additionally, E&LP helped lead an all day design charette at two of the five schools. The charette included work with students, teachers, parents, and community member so that all stakeholders’ voices were heard contributed to the developing vision for these schoolyards.

Key Project Information

Client: The Big SandBox

Date: 2015-present

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Lead Community Design Charette

Green Infrastructure Feasibility

Stormwater Analysis