NYC 1/9 Subway Line

Conduct Phase I Assessment to identify potential hazardous substances in floodwater within Subway Line, for proper treatment and discharge to the Hudson River.

The 1/9 Subway Line was destroyed in the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The Subway was filled with contaminated water, which contained petroleum and raw sewage. The potential hazards had to be identified in order to de-water the subway line for reconstruction.

E&LP completed a full Phase I Environmental Assessment consistent with the ASTM Standard E1527-00 in four (4) days, which identified the constituents present in the floodwater, to be treated and removed prior to discharge to the Hudson River. Our client is contracted to restore the destroyed Subway Line by September 30, 2002, with liquidated damages of $100,000 per day if not completed on time. When tasked with a request to complete the Phase I within a one (1) week timeframe, we delivered the report in four (4) days. The Subway Line was successfully reconstructed in late summer, 2002.

Key Project Information

Client: New York City

Date: 2002

Location: Manhattan, NYC, NY


Phase I Site Assessment