PARK(ing) DAY 2016

Parking Day is a nationwide phenomenon where parking spaces in major cities across the U.S. are reclaimed and transformed into amazing public spaces for a day.  Landscape architects, engineers, architects, artists, activists, and other citizens all take to their city streets to create inventive public spaces and raise awareness for the need for more pedestrian friendly spaces in urban centers.  Philadelphia has participated in Parking Day for the past nine years and this year E&LP threw our hat into the ring to design and put in place our own parklet.

Located on Market Street between 3rd and 4th Street, ELP designed, fabricated, and installed our very own Sine Bench.  Designed to accommodate multiple individuals or small groups, the Sine Bench is as versatile as it is unique.  Multiple seating configurations emerge along the length of the bench, including upright, lounging, or fully reclined.  This variety allows for a multitude of interactions, leading to quiet contemplation, people watching, and spontaneous social interactions that lead to new experiences and innovative ideas.

All of these hoped for interactions were on full display throughout the day as the bench attracted National Park Service rangers, artists, tourist groups, a “travel influencer”, local restaurant patrons, fellow designers, and countless members of the general public looking to take a short break from their day.  E&LP cannot wait to start brainstorming our installation for Parking Day 2017.  Read more about the event in general here and search for more of our photos and others on Twitter with #PARKingDayPHL.