Pattenburg Quarry

The Pattenburg Quarry was acquired by the current owners after being abandoned some years prior after being quarried out and having had dangerous side slope conditions along the quarry walls.

The new owners contracted E&LP to reactivate the mining permits and get Township approvals for a reclamation plan that would allow the importing of material to restore the grading on the site. The project site had multiple environmental issues including streams and flood hazard areas, wetlands, and vernal pool locations necessitating significant NJDEP permitting. The site was further complicated by its location within the Highlands as well as being located within two townships.

E&LP successfully aided in obtaining Highlands exemptions and NJDEP permits allowing the owner to reactivate the property and successfully obtain approval to begin reclamation on the property.

Key Project Information

Client: Ferreira Construction

Location: Union and Bethlehem Townships, New Jersey


Reclamation Plan

Quarry Development Plans

Topographic Survey

Highlands Approvals

Geologic Investigation

Wetland Delineations

Flood Hazard Area Permits

Soil Erosion Certifications

Preliminary and Final Site Plan

Environmental Planning