Queens Gate

E&LP performed a geotechnical investigation of the site and created a foundation report for the property. The site also had an ongoing remediation case related to the former use which E&LP assisted in closing for the owner.

E&LP provided all surveying, stakeout, and construction inspection and oversight for the project as the development was fast-tracked through the Township.

It was discovered during construction that various errors in the former consultant’s work made completing the development in its current design impossible. E&LP was able to identify the causes of the mistakes and create cost effective remedies which allowed the project to proceed without delay. Our solutions including redesigned pipe configurations, a revised entryway design, and the relocation of roads to avoid conflicts.

Key Project Information

Client: LMNH Construction, Inc.

Location: Bound Brook, New Jersey


Site Design


Construction Stakeout

Construction Oversight

Structural Inspections

Geotechnical Investigations