Rahway Recycling

Our client desired to open a Class B recycling facility o except concrete, brick, and block in an industrial district in the City of Rahway. The property was on the edge of a residential district and so the effects of the facility were a primary concern for the Township approval.

Upon obtaining concurrence from the Solid Waste Advisory Committee for the County, E&LP continued our assistance in obtaining approvals from the City Planning Board, the County Freeholders, and ultimately from the NJDEP. Noise and traffic concerns were the primary focus of the opposition to the facility and so E&LP proceeded to perform various studies and reports to invalidate the negative claims to the satisfaction of the reviewing agencies.

Approximately one year from our proceeding with the applications, the facility received all necessary approvals to being operations in the City and has operated for over a year under the permits without violation or complaints.

Key Project Information

Client: Rahway Recycling

Location: Rahway, New Jersey


Township Site Plan Approval

Class B Recycling Approvals

Solid Waste Management Plan Approval

Noise Study

Facility Operations Plan

Air Permitting