Riverside Drive

This property consists of four individual lots previously subdivided in 1984. The lots range from 0.31 to 0.47 acres in size as indicated by the Tax Map. The scope of the proposed development plans consists of constructing a duplex dwelling unit on each of the four lots and associated onsite improvements including driveways, grading, utility services and building locations.

We note that during the 1980’s, the property received subdivision approval from the Town as well as a NJDEP Stream Encroachment Permit Approval at that time. Since the time of the original approval, only a single lot has been developed, known as Lot 11.03 (which is not part of this project).

Although it appears that one or more of the lots may not meet all bulk requirements per the zoning ordinance, the client has indicated that municipal variance relief will not be required based upon the client’s coordination with the zoning officer. The client has also investigated to confirm that sufficient utility services (i.e. water, sewer etc) exist for the proposed development.

Key Project Information

Client: Private Land Owner

Date: 2008-2015

Location: Clinton, New Jersey


Boundary & Topographic Survey

Site Development Plans

NJDEP Stream Encroachment Permit Application

NJDEP Wetlands LOI Footprint of Disturbance Application

Hunterdon Soil Conservation District Certification Application