Septic System Evaluation & Design

Engineering & Land Planning Associates

Septic system design is a combination of science and art. The science portion of septic design is straight forward, and dictated by both State regulations and specific-county and municipality preferences. E&LP provides soil testing services for both new and replacement septic designs as well as inspection and evaluation of existing septic systems.

The art portion is how to design a septic system that doesn’t look like a septic system mandated by State, County and Municipality requirements. Based on the “cook book” regulations in effect regarding the design of septic systems, most designed incorporate large mounded disposal fields, which are unsightly and utilize valuable open space.

E&LP is certified in multiple advanced treatment options which cannot only eliminate the need for unsightly mounds but can also reduce the areas of septic systems and provide cleaner effluent, substantially improving the surrounding environment. E&LP is certified in Eco-pure and Eco-flo peat systems and is the local certified designer of HOOT A.T.U. systems. We have performed over 50 designs incorporating these technologies and are well versed in permitting troubled sites which may have in the past been considered “unbuildable.”

Septic System Services:

  • Soil Investigations
  • Failing System Analysis
  • Soil Sample Lab Testing & Analysis
  • Eco-pure & Eco-flo Peat Sytem Certified Engineers
  • HOOT A.T.U. System Certified Engineers
  • State, County, Municipal Approvals