South Brunswick Utility Building

South Brunswick’s water utility building was constructed in the 1990’s and experienced major construction modifications due to a highly elevated groundwater level. As such, a last minute redesign required the installation of substantial walls and ramps. Further compounding the problem, the contractor poorly constructed the concrete and within a few years, the walls, ramps, and all associated concrete was rapidly deteriorating. E&LP was engaged to redesign and correct these deficiencies to restore the exterior of the building to a useful state. Early on, E&LP determined that the original design was inefficient and resulted in an excess of concrete and walls. The walls and ramps were redesigned to minimize their appearance and improve the overall aesthetics of the site. Plans were prepared for the modified structures and the project was successfully taken through the procurement process. E&LP provided construction oversight and inspection during the installation.

Key Project Information

Client: South Brunswick Township

Date: 2016-2017

Location: South Brunswick Township, NJ


Boundary & Topographic Surveying

Site Plans

Geotechnical Engineering

Construction Administration

Construction Inspection