Spice Factory

E&LP was contracted to provide professional surveying, site engineering and landscape architecture services as part of the construction of the Spice Factory in Flemington Borough, New Jersey.

The site has an existing retail and office complex that was previously an industrial factory. The proposal is to convert the existing, underutilized retail and office space into a mixed-use office and apartment building. A fourth story will be added to former factory on site with the upper floors being converted to residential apartments and the first floor remaining an office space. A new residential only apartment building will be constructed on the 3.7-acres lot and will be incorporated into the site that will match the existing fa├žade of the development. There will be 100 residential units included in that building and will include parking and a pocket park. The parking lot will be reconfigured to accommodate the proposed new construction, while still providing adequate parking for the existing building.

E&LP is leading the effort with obtaining treatment works approval, water main extension permitting and municipal permitting as well as planning the grading, lighting, landscaping and lighting.

Key Project Information

Client: Landmark Developers

Location: Flemington Borough, Hunterdon County, New Jersey


Boundary and Topographic Survey

Concept Planning

Site Planning

Grading and Drainage Plan

Landscape Design

Lighting Design

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan