Survey and Mapping

Survey and Mapping by E&LP

E&LP is experienced in all types of surveying and mapping for both public and private clients. Through the use of GPS surveying equipment we are able to offer the highest accuracy in referenced datums to provide a superior work product to meet any level of accuracy requirements. Our licensed land surveyors have over 100 years of combined experience in boundary and title resolution as well as many other aspects of surveying to meet most any need. We offer the following surveying and mapping services to our clients:

Boundary and Topographic Surveys

Engineering & Land Planning can provide timely boundary surveys for real estate closings as well as more detailed boundary work to resolve property line disputes or for use in engineering plans. Metes and Bounds property descriptions (or easement descriptions) can be prepared as part of any survey. Surveyed topography can be added to the plans to provide the information necessary to perform engineering designs for anything from septic designs to site development. Our staff surveyors utilize the latest technology including aerial mapping, GPS, and traditional field work to meet any project’s mapping needs.

Major and Minor Subdivision Plans

Utilizing the site survey, E&LP has experience in performing subdivisions from one lot to over fifty and obtaining plan approval at all levels of government. Subdivision plats are prepared in full compliance with the Map Filing Law and are integrated with the engineering plans to provide a full service experience for our clients.


Certain transactions require higher levels of accuracy and information beyond the scope of a typical boundary survey. Our office utilizes the latest technological equipment in order to meet any required survey standard, including the commonly used ALTA/ACSM Standards.


By utilizing the latest in GPS technology, Engineering & Land Planning can provide timely service and top level accuracy allowing us to complete jobs in a fraction of the time it would take others using traditional surveying technology. Our project surveyors can set accurate benchmarks and prepare site stakeouts within minutes with our RTKGPS equipment.

GIS Mapping

Engineering & Land Planning employs a staff of trained GIS professionals with extensive mapping experience to aid in preparing detailed color exhibits for reports as well as more detailed geographic and site information to assist our engineers and surveyors in all aspects of our projects.

Construction Stakeouts and As-builts

Upon completion of the design phases of our projects E&LP offers complete construction stakeout services. During and after construction, our field surveyors will locate the installed improvements to provide Foundation Location and Final As-built plans, as required.

Survey And Mapping Services:

  • Topographic Survey
  • Boundary and Political Survey
  • Built Environment Survey
  • ALTA/ACSM Survey
  • GPS
  • GIS Mapping and Data
  • Deformation and Monitoring Survey
  • Utility
  • Wetland Location
  • Major and Minor Subdivision Plans and Plats
  • Construction Stakeout
  • As-built
  • Street Vacation
E&LP Survey and Mapping