Tilcon – Keasbey

For over fifty years the 29.3 acre waterfront property had been utilized for heavy industrial purposes including concrete and asphalt recycling. When Tilcon NY, one of the United States’ largest aggregate and asphalt producers, acquired the site in 2004, the property suffered from severe disorganization and inefficiency due to years of haphazard construction and outdated equipment. Tilcon sought to modernize the site by installing state-of-the-art equipment and proceeding with an overall redevelopment of the parcel.

Having developed and permitted many of Tilcon’s other New Jersey facilities, including their many quarries, Tilcon again turned to E&LP to design and permit the site, which was located within a recently formed Township Redevelopment Zone. Complicating the development further was a strict timeline necessary to make the new processing plants operational in time to supply the State with the asphalt necessary for the upcoming construction season.

E&LP successfully designed and permitted the site locally and obtained permits through the NJDEP Land Use Regulation Program and was able to obtain construction permits within a five month time frame. Within one month of the approval, the plant was constructed and placed into operation.

Key Project Information

Client: Tilcon, Inc.

Location: Woodbridge Township, New Jersey


Municipal Site Plan Approval

County Site Plan Approval

Stormwater Management Facilities

NJDEP Coastal & Flood Hazard Area Exemptions


Class B Recycling Permitting