Tilcon – Pompton Lakes

Tilcon NY’s Pompton Lakes Quarry, located adjacent to Interstate 287, is a large producer of aggregate and asphalt products, The quarry consists of two rock crushing plants, an asphalt plant and Class B recycling operation located adjacent to Interstate 287 in Bloomingdale Borough, Passaic County, New Jersey. E&LP has provided a multitude of services for Tilcon’s Pompton Lakes Quarry, such as the preparation of Mine Plans, Reclamation Plans and Soil Erosion Plans. E&LP also maintains NJDEP permits for the facility through the preparation of Class B Plans, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures Plans and Discharge Permitting.

In 2014, Tilcon desired to further expand the footprint of the quarry in order to continue mining operations. This expansion had been impacted by an isolated wetland well beyond the limits of the regulated area to account for benching of the rock. E&LP provided Tilcon with wetland mitigation services and obtained an Individual Permit in order to allow for the quarry expansion.

In 2015, Tilcon proposed a new primary crushing plant with an associated access road solely for haul truck traffic. An isolated wetland prohibited any disturbance to allow for the access road expansion. Again, E&LP provided mitigation services and obtained an Individual Permit in order to authorize the disturbance and removal of the regulated wetland.

Wetland areas were compensated at a ratio required by the NJDEP located offsite at Tilcon’s West Milford Property. E&LP has assisted Tilcon in utilizing this property in order to provide compensation for disturbance to regulated areas, and furthermore allow for the expansion of mining activities.

Key Project Information

Client: Tilcon

Location: Bloomingdale Borough, New Jersey


Mine Permits

Topographic Survey

Wetlands Delineations

Wetlands Mitigation

Class B Recycling Approvals

Soil Erosion Certifications


Discharge Permitting

Emissions Compliance

Quarry Development Plans