David J. Busch

Senior Project Manager

David J. Busch, Senior Project Manager at E&LP

David J. Busch is a Senior Environmental Project Manager with Engineering & Land Planning Associates, Inc. (E&LP) with over thirteen (13) years of experience in environmental engineering services involving site investigations, hazardous waste assessments, remediation of soil and groundwater, in addition to designing and implementing hydrogeological investigations.

Mr. Busch has extensive environmental experience managing all aspects of source removal remediation and has implemented numerous source removal systems, including but not limited to soil vapor extraction, ground water extraction/treatment systems and in situ chemical oxidation. These source removal systems have all been combined with monitored natural attenuation programs, to address residual constituents dissolved in ground water and to expedite regulatory case closure. Mr. Busch also performs Environmental Impact Statements, Natural Resource Inventories and Geographic Information System Exhibits.

In addition, Mr. Busch has designed and supervised extensive hydrogeologic exploration and aquifer testing programs, including long-term multiple pumping well tests with simultaneous monitoring of observation test wells, private domestic wells, and wetland and stream monitoring locations in order to obtain NJDEP Water Allocation Permits, Highlands approvals as well as Township approvals.


  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), License No. 629041
  • NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Subsurface Evaluator & Closure, License No. 207166
  • Asbestos Building Inspector Course, Certification No. 70015692