Flemington Rt. 12 Circle

E&LP provided landscape design and site engineering services to the Flemington Borough and Business Improvement District (BID) for the purpose of developing landscape and streetscape improvements within the Route 12 circle which connects to Main Street in Flemington. A schematic design was developed for submission to NJDOT for approval.

E&LP is in the midst of an ongoing review process with the BID through a series of planned meetings to review the schematic design. The schematic design includes verification of existing conditions, planting design, analysis of existing pedestrian and vehicular circulation, and details for site elements, planting, and stormwater. The proposed plan calls for the use of ornamental trees and shrubs to highlight new signage and create a visual focal point within the circle. Over twenty new trees are proposed and the existing lawn is to be replaced with a dynamic wildflower meadow grass mix.

Key Project Information

Client: Flemington Borough

Date: 2014-present

Location: Flemington, NJ


Schematic and Final Site Plan

Permitting Approvals

Traffic Analysis

Landscape Design

Stormwater Analysis