Overlook Park

E&LP is the lead engineer of record for the design of Overlook Park in Paterson, New Jersey. Situated on a brownfield site adjacent to the Passaic River and Paterson Great Falls, the site has tremendous waterfront views.

Our design team was charged with maximizing views, public accessibility to the park, pedestrian circulation, and stormwater management on a site that has steep slopes and extreme topographic changes of over 50 feet. Our solution involved the creation of terraced levels and catwalks throughout the park, as well as an amphitheater for viewing the falls. Stormwater from upper levels is captured in bioswales and conveyed to lower levels where it is slowly released through two earthen berms which hold the amphitheater.

In order to address the brownfield conditions on site, all disturbed soil was relocated into landscaped berms where it could be capped and serve to accent and support other park features.

The site is aptly named “Overlook” Park due to the stunning vista of the Paterson Falls which are part of Great Falls National Historic Park. The earthen amphitheater is positioned to maximize the view shed to the falls and takes advantage of the existing sloped topography on site.

Key Project Information

Client: ETM Associates, City of Paterson

Date: 2015-2017

Location: Paterson, NJ





Construction Administration